Welcome! This screen is the last one before starting to use BIBLIVRE V and through it you will be able to choose whether to restore the information from another Biblivre installation (by means of a backup or through a migration of Biblivre 3) or if you wish to start a new library. Please read each option below carefully and select the most appropriate one.
Import Biblivre 3 Data
A Biblivre 3 installation was detected in this computer. You may wish to import these data for BIBLIVRE 5, by selecting the items you are interested in, and pressing the button below. After importation, you will have to reindex the three bases: the Bibliographic one, and the ones for Authorities and Vocabulary , through the "Maintenance" screen in "Administration" and select again the permissions of employees with access to Biblivre, through the "Logins and Permissions" screen in "Administration".
New Library
If you do not have or do not wish to restore a backup, this option will allow start using BIBLIVRE 5 with an empty database. When entering BIBLIVRE 5 for the first time, use the admin and password abracadabra to access the system and configure your new library.
Restore a Biblivre 4 or Biblivre 5 Backup
Use this option should you wish to restore an existing Biblivre 4 backup. Should Biblivre find backups saved in your documents, you will be able to restore them directly from the list below. Otherwise, you will have to send a backup file (extension .b4bz or .b5bz) by means of the form.

Backups Found

See below backups found in the documents in your computer. To restore these backups, press the button on your name.

Select backup file
Select a Digital Media Backup file
The previously selected Backup file doesn't have any Digital Media. If you have a Digital Media Only backup, select the desired one below, or upload the Digital Media Only backup file. If you don't want to import Digital Media, click on Skip.
Select backup file
Restore a Biblivre 3 Backup
Use this option if you wish to restore and import a Biblivre3 existing backup.
Select backup file